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Jungkooki/Love Yourself: Speak Yourlsef💜💜💜

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Намканда Основана: 14 октября 2018 г. Президент: Ким Намджун Национальная еда: Panda Express & sprite Дом правительства: Фиолетовый дом Национальная песня:땡 (ddang) Национальный цветок: Смеральдо Национальный спорт: Теннис. Подозреваем, что все важные вопросы будут решаться игрой, камень ножницы бумага.

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독서, 음악, 꿈, 춤

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1.You can’t stop me lovin myself!(BTS, IDOL)

2. We are we are we are, we young & wild & free!(BTS, So What)

3. Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.(BTS,NO)

4.These mixed feelings with my life on the line, I pretend to be careless. This isn’t the first time, I better get used to it. I try to hide it, but I can’t.(BTS young forever)

5.Everyone lives with a love that has come to an end…(BTS, let me know)

6.Where there is hope, there is always hardship.(BTS,Sea)

7.All your dreams can become a reality.

So keep moving forwardAnd you never stop!…(BTS,young forever)

8.I may fall down and get hurt,

But I still run endlessly towards my dreams…(BTS,young Forever)

9.A day may come when we lose,

But it is not today! Today we fight!(BTS not today)

10. I tell myself the world can’t be perfect, I start to let myself go.(BTS,young forever)

11. Follow your dream like breaker, even if it breaks down, oh better!(BTS,tomorrow)

12. Love? What the heck is love, it’s all fake love.(BTS, fake love)

13. The tomorrow we’ve been waiting for becomes the name of yesterday at some point.

Tomorrow becomes today, today becomes yesterday, tomorrow becomes yesterday and is behind me.(BTS,tomorrow)

14. If you look at it in a certain way, It’s hard loving yourself than loving someone else.(BTS, Answer:love myself)

15. Why am I in love alone?

Why am I hurting alone?..(BTS, i need U)

16. Maybe we’re all just a bunch of fools.

Everyone lives with a love that has come to an end.(let me know)

17. No matter how far I reach for you,

It is just an empty dream…(BTS,Run)

18. Now I don’t know me.(BTS, fake love)

19. But the real world

Is different from the promises.(BTS,paradise)

20. If I taste failure, I’ll lower my head,

We’re still young, we don’t have any fears, if it doesn’t roll.If we can’t back up, then we’ll go straight ahead we forget mistakes.If you think you’re going to crash, step on the pedal harder.We’re too young to give up.(BTS,never mind)

21.It’s alright if your dreams are different

Buying a laptop next month.Or just eating and sleepingHaving a lot of money by not doing anythingWhat’s so great about dreams?Just be who you wantWe deserve a life.Whether it’s big or small, you’re just doing you.(BTS,paradise)

22. We are too young to just worry.

Just for today I’d Go than worry.(BTS, go go)

23. I wish it rains all day

Cuz I’d like someone to cry for me.(BTS,forever rain)

24. When I’m with you I’m in utopia.(Jungkook, euphoria)

25. I’m still the same me,

The me from before is still here, butThe lie that’s gotten too big,Is trying to swallow me up.( Jimin,lie)

26. I don’t wanna die right now.

I don’t wanna.I don’t wanna fight right now.I don’t like worries. Life is long.Just go, I wanna live right now.(BTS,so what)

27. When it rains I get a little feeling

that I do have a friendAsks me if I’m doing well and I answerI’m still a hostage of lifeI don’t live because I can’t dieBut I’m chained to something just like you.(BTS, forever rain)

28. Огни города, звёзды этого города,

Я помню ночное небо, которое я видел, когда был ребенком.Человек— это место,Полное огня и людей.Мы сияем.(BTS,mikrokosmos)

29. Mic mic bungee
Bright light 전진
망할 거 같았겠지만 I’m fine, sorry
미안해 Billboard
미안해 worldwide
아들이 넘 잘나가서 미안해 엄마
대신해줘 니가 못한 효도
우리 콘서트 절대 없어 포도
I do it I do it 넌 맛없는 라따뚜이
혹 배가 아프다면 고소해
Sue it(BTS, MIC drop)
30. Did you see my bag
Did you see my bag
트로피들로 백이 가득해
How you think bout that
How you think bout that
Hater들은 벌써 학을 떼(BTS,MIC drop)