Every Day | Memento mori


Имя в сети

Every Day | Memento mori


Алма — Ата



День рождения


Интересы и увлечения

Show yourself…

Memento mori.

Capre diem.

Cogito, ergo sum.

We are who we are.

Remember: you will die.


My favourite characters:

Sirius Black (HP)

Remus Lupin (HP)

Sedric Diggory (HP)

Shouto Todoroki (BNHA)

Tatsuya Shiba (IAMHS)

Severus Snape (HP)

Fred and George Weasley (HP)

Kano Shuuya (KP or MCA)

Yufimia vi Britain (CG)


Music is my all. Just accept it.


Why do we need to suffer?

Our life is a pain.


Reading is an addiction.

Of course, not every book is interesting.

I like comics (especially manga), but I just can’t draw the pages…

K-pop, Q-pop, J-pop.



Cute things.

Realistic and violent lore.


Roleplay games.

i’m so sick of this fake love…

love you so bad, love you so bad…

naega jeil jal naga…

nigitta messeeji that’s rising hope…

”boku wa iranai mada mitai mirai ga aru kara…” 

[2020] — everyone is crazy

О себе

Хэй, что тебе нужно? Ладно, садись, кушай печеньки… (улыбка сумасшедшей)

This Game

Konomi Suzuki

↺      ◁◁      ▮▮      ▷▷      ↻


volume: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇

Hey, reading books and listening to music is an addiction. 

Reading ranobe and reading manga is an addiction too.

I like magic, but I prefer dark style and realistic situation. Not something like “Mahou shoujo” in classic version.

My social type: Master/Gaben, ISTP, sensory-logical introvert.

I’m an ambivert.

Yeah… Usually I’m a phlegmatic, but I become sanguine with close friends, and I’m a choleric, if I’m angry.

What does my social type mean? I’m a pragmatic and logical person, who thinks before doing something. I prefer something comfortable, and I’m independent.

I dream a lot, I love listening to music, I love reading and writing fanfics, I’m a slasher, but keep that in secret…

I love Harry Potter, and Hogwarts is my second home…

I’m a dispatcher of Trikky site. My goal is to help anothers, and I give them a lot of shippering and pathos to get rid of pain!

Ничего страшного, если ты ничего не понял. Можешь узнать меня лучше, поговорив со мной. Я всегда рада новым знакомствам.

P. S. Моя дворюродная сестричка — @nekonekoni19. Не обижайте ее, а то не поздоровится.

P. P. S. Лучше не злить меня — агента Ы по позывному Диспетчер…