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♡◇Killer Queen♤♧

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-Old Disney

-70s aesthetic

-everething luxury, elegant, fancy and classy

-music and songwriting

Favourite color:burgundy

Favorite albums:Jazz , Queen, Queen2

Favorite animal:cat

Favorite food:sushi

О себе

I’ll take a pen

In the dark and with the candlelight

I’ll write you letter to the Heaven

And know your memory is bright

I’ll never hear your voice

Nor look into your eyes

I have only one choise

Write letter to Heaven and wait for sunrise

I’ll write how you inspired me

How blessed me with your soul

Now I’m feeling myself free

Now my life has goal

I know that somewhere there you are immortal

I know you’re happy as you never were in life

Now-thank you for opening that portal

I’m here and writing it in dark with candlelight

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