🖤Karin Snape🖤


Имя в сети

🖤Karin Snape🖤


Сколько глобус не крути, фиг тебе меня найти


Потому, что я из ада, а тебе туда не надо

О себе

Show me how to lie,

You’re getting better all the time

And turning all against the one

Is an art that’s hard to teach


I’m bigger, than my body

I’m colder, than this home

I’m meaner, than my demons

I’m bigger, than these bones.


Listen, mark my words

One day you will pay

You will pay

Karma’s gonna come collect your debt.


I’m ready to forgive you,

But forgetting is a harder fight.

Little do you know, I

Need a little more time…


You’re ripped at every edge,

But you’re a masterpiece.

And now you’re tearing through the pages

And the ink…


I’m a werewolf.