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Jardine Black

О себе

Brown hair, hazel eyes, small nose, normal size.


favorite books — 

 three musketeers, twenty thousand leagues under the sea, the book of time, harry potter, the mysterious island;

favorite quotes — 

«to be afraid is not stupid or cowardly. being brave doesn’t mean not being afraid. being brave means not giving way to fear.»

«the dreamer embellishes the goal by sitting still and fantasizing about how good it will be when he reaches it. a real person goes to it, getting scratched, falling and sighing, passing through the bushes of trouble, swamps of difficulties and jungles of manipulation…».

  • my favorite music was born in them: queen, the beatles, pink floyd, the rolling stones, metallica, scorpions, guns n’ roses, ac/dc, twisted sister, muse, sam tinesz, grandson, sia, dua lipa, deep purple, hurts, the cab, healy.
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